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Congrats on Your Recent Discoveries, Shell and ExxonMobil


NEOS would like to congratulate both Shell and ExxonMobil on their recently announced discoveries in the Utica (Appalachian Basin, USA) and Vaca Muerta (Neuquen Basin, Argentina) shale plays. Both E&P operators are credited with delivering best-in-class results on wells recently drilled and completed in these unconventional plays. In the case of Shell, two deep wells …

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No Permits Up Here (#3 in a Series)


In many parts of the world, but especially in the United States, airborne geophysical data acquisition has one key advantage over ground-based geophysical acquisition: no permits are required! This has many operational benefits, not the least of which is cycle time reduction. With airborne geophysics, landowners are taken out of the equation as they no …

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Friday Fun: When Dogs Fly

This is a video of Whisper, the world’s first wingsuit-clad, BASE jumping dog.  As a company that relies on airborne geophysical measurements, we’re always happy to see people (or canines) take to the sky. Somehow though, Whisper doesn’t quite look so pleased. You can read more about Whisper and her passion for flying on Mother …

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Simulation of the Creation of the Universe

You can read more about this simulation on the Wired web site (click here).

NEOS Presents To Permian Basin Geophysical Society


NEOS had the good fortune to receive an invitation to speak at the annual meeting of the Permian Basin Geophysical Society last week in Midland. This day-long session included a luncheon keynote speech by Commissioner David Porter (left) of the Texas Railroad Commission. I have to admit, I wasn’t especially looking forward to a speech by …

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BHP Billiton’s Dave Rainey on Shale Geology & Geophysics


I ran across the following excerpt from BHP Billiton‘s President of Petroleum Exploration and Chief Geoscientist, Dave Rainey, in the March 2014 edition of World Oil.  I found it fascinating, as the regional, multi-physics approach to shale development he is advocating is highly aligned with NEOS’s multi-measurement interpretation (MMI) approach. I’ve been told that one …

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Explore the Multi-Physics Frontier (#2 in a Series)

Multi-physics Frontier

  From what we could tell at last week’s AAPG annual conference in Houston, a multi-physics approach to subsurface interpretation is on the ascent.  We had a number of highly encouraging discussions with geoscientists who are increasingly acknowledging the benefits of simultaneously interpreting all possible geophysical measurements, regardless of where the area of opportunity resides …

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Jack Is Back!

Oh let us all rejoice!  Everyone’s favorite protector of the homeland – Jack Bauer – will be back in 24 days…on the new season of 24 on Fox. In a sign that we’re all getting old and slowing down, this season of 24 only has 12 episodes.  While geoscientists work 9/80’s, I guess Jack Bauer …

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See Beyond the Shale (#1 in a Series)

Basement composition variation determined through an inversion of gravity and magnetic data (upper left).  Planes of weakness in the basement determined through Euler Deconvolution (lower right).  Approximate 2,500 sqkm area in Appalachia.

Many of our clients are coming to the realization that acoustic (seismic) data – valuable as it might be – is insufficient in many cases to adequately delineate the sweet spots in an unconventional shale play.  Sure, acoustic data can provide key insights into physical properties like fracture density, fracture orientation and brittleness.  But geophysicists …

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60 Minutes Replay: The Cleantech Crash

Score one for Big Oil!  Oo-rah for free marketeers everywhere…  

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