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NEOS Presenting at 2016 AAPG

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NEOS recently took on a project to asses the supply source of CO2 used for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in the northern Raton Basin. Onshore structurally complex areas, such as this, combined with large amount of igneous intrusions can be difficult to image at depth with seismic data alone. This multi-measurement interpretation study incorporating airborne- and ground-acquired …

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NEOS Presenting in London


NEOS welcomes the opportunity to share some recent advances in geophysical technology at Finding Petroleum’s aptly named, “New Geophysical Technologies” exploration tech event in London, tomorrow, February 24th. James Dodson will represent NEOS and present on our multi-physics solution demonstrating, with case examples, where NEOS has taken a phased approach to multi-physics interpretation and integration, by relying heavily on, airborne non-seismic measurements, …

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Focus on the Middle East – NEOS at the SEG 2015


Exploration interest in the eastern Mediterranean region has increased substantially in the last several years, driven in part by the very large gas discoveries made by several E&P operators offshore. Geoscientists are curious about the broader, regional implications of these offshore discoveries, as well as understanding how Syrian onshore petroleum systems extend into Lebanon. NEOS …

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NEOS Presents on Myanmar’s Oil & Gas Exploration Potential

There is a renewed global interest in Myanmar. Not only are travelers eager to visit the once forbidden and untarnished country-scape, but the energy industry is also focusing in on the country’s geological make up and all the oil & gas exploration potential that comes with it. NEOS Geoscientist, Matt J., who recently visited Mayanmar and …

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NEOS Presents for the First Time at Houston’s OTC


NEOS is new to the world of offshore.  Not collectively inexperienced, just new. Recently we completed our first offshore project in the South Atlantic Margin. And we are currently finishing up a program in Lebanon that includes the transition zone along the Eastern Mediterranean coastline. The integration, analysis and interpretation of geophysical data have a …

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NEOS Returns to NAPE with the Message: Keep Exploring Using MMI

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NEOS is gearing up for the NAPE Summit next week.  And like many of you, we have one eye fixed on the market and the price of oil.  But we are not just watching.  We are finding ways we can help our customers keep exploring in this low-price environment. Airborne-acquired, multi-measurement interpretation (MMI) is proving …

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SEG Presentation: Case Study – Appalachian Basin

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The last presentation from our SEG Presentation Series is the narrated presentation: Case Study – Appalachian Basin. Take a few minutes to learn more about this program and how we used predictive analytics to depict the most (and least) prospective areas for leasing, drilling or further G&G study in the Marcellus shale, resulting in improved …

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SEG Presentation: Predictive Analytics in Exploration


The next presentation from our SEG Presentation Series is the narrated presentation: Predictive Analytics in Exploration. Sit back and relax, while you listen and discover how geostatisitical predictive analytic methods are successfully leveraged for superior understanding of subsurface conditions and reservoir performance as well as to support deeply integrated, highly-informed project decision-making. Click here or …

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SEG Presentation: Neuquén Basin Case Study


The next installment in our SEG Presentation Series, is a narrated presentation on a NEOS Case Study in the Neuquén Basin. Tune in to discover how multi-measurement interpretation (MMI) has helped to highgrade Vaca Muerta shale acreage and identify prospective well locations in Argentina. Access the presentation by clicking here or on the image below. …

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NEOS Returns to Argentina for the IAPG, and the Malbec


Earlier this month, NEOS, once again, participated in the 9th Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development Congress and Exhibition, an event organized by the Exploration and Development Committee from the Argentinean Oil and Gas Institute (IAPG). Occurring every three years, this year’s congress and exhibition took place in Mendoza, Argentina, the world-renowned Malbec wine region. Supported by …

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