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SEG Presentation: An Introduction to NEOS and Multi-Physics Interpretation in Oil & Gas Exploration

SEG Booth Theater

Last week, NEOS joined 350 other companies, government agencies, and research and educational institutions at the 84th Annual Meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG).  NEOS exhibited from a new booth on the exhibition show floor featuring, for the first time ever, a booth theater. Various presentations were delivered within the theater on an …

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Unlock the Potential: Ventura

Ventura Header

Over the past 150 years, California’s Ventura Basin has been one of the world’s most productive regions, yielding nearly 4 billion barrels of oil. Coinciding with the shale boom and the subsequent search for sweet spots in the Monterey Shale, as well as recent multi-hundred-million barrel discoveries in the nearby San Joaquin Basin, explorationists have …

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Unlock the Potential in Your Field


  NEOS has just launched a new integrated marketing campaign. Entitled, “Unlock the Potential in Your Field,” the campaign features four key case histories featuring projects in which multi-measurement interpretation (MMI) methods were applied.  From Eco-Assurance applications in the Marcellus shale play of Pennsylvania to regional reconnaissance in Argentina’s Neuquén Basin, the case histories describe …

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Hart’s E&P: NEOS Performs Integrated G&G Study on a Mature Basin

April Issue

Make sure you pick up this month’s [April] issue of Hart’s E&P Magazine and be captivated as you read up on how the NEOS methodology injects new life into an old basin in the article titled, Ventura Basin Still Holds Hidden Treasure. The article takes a close look at the various facets of its Ventura …

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California Dreamin’ at the AAPG 2012

Ventura Basement Wells

Next week NEOS will be California Dreamin’ with the rest of the attendees at the 2012 AAPG Annual Convention in Long Beach, California. In this, our second year at the AAPG, we’re thrilled to share the progress we’ve made in a single year with continued global expansion and in demonstrating our exploration insights in key …

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NEOS Global Program Locator

Global Programs screen shot

NEOS has just launched a new extension to our website called Global Programs, to give our audience a clear understanding of where we currently operate, how we apply our multi-measurement methodology to basins both new and old as well as to offer a preview of programs that are under development. To date, our global activity …

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Updated: NEOS Narrated Slideshow


Well, after a year in the spotlight, it came to be time to retire our original narrated slideshow and to replace it with a newer model. Below you’ll find the latest edition, updated to reflect the latest round of projects we’ve been undertaking for our clients in conventional and unconventional basins around the world. Click here …

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Geostatistics Applied: Ventura Basin Case Study

Probability of Oil (Ventura Basin, CA - Pico Fm)

NEOS’s multi-measurement methodology provides a variety of tools to help the explorationist interpret the subsurface with greater accuracy and confidence. One of these tools, embedded within our NeoSphere software platform, applies a proprietary statistical technique to all acquired geo-datasets and the attributes calculated therefrom (e.g., Bouger gravity, reduced-to-pole magnetic data, microseepage indicators) to mathematically determine …

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NEOS Presenting to Geophysical Society of Houston


Dr. Marianne Rauch-Davies, Manager of Technical Consulting at NEOS GeoSolutions, will be the featured speaker at the October 6 meeting of the Potential Fields Special Interest Group of the Geophysical Society of Houston, the largest local section of the SEG. Dr. Rauch-Davies will be presenting a case study involving the recent integrated G&G study of …

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A New Look at an Old Basin: Ventura neoBASIN Project

Basement Topography of a Portion of the Ventura Basin - Hot colors represent structural highs; cool colors represent structural lows; producing wells represented by black dots.

California’s Ventura Basin has been in production since 1861, the year Lincoln was sworn in as President of the United States and the first shots of the Civil War were fired. Approximately 100 oil & gas fields have been discovered since, with cumulative production from the region exceeding 4 billion barrels of oil equivalent. Although activity has …

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