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Our Geothermal Solution


NEOS has created a solution to meet those geothermal challenges that each explorationist faces, allowing companies to de-risk their prospects through an enhanced understanding of the geothermal system. The delivery of an integrated, congruous, and consistent earth model provides geothermal operators with the insights required to make informed field development decisions, including: Attributed of the …

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Resistivity Imaging in a Fold and Thrust Belt

Resistivity Volume

Be sure to grab your April issue of First Break, and turn to this month’s special topic: EM & Potential Methods, where NEOS discusses the results from resistivity imaging using ZTEM and MT data in the geophysical study of a ~2900 km2 region of the northern Raton Basin in southern Colorado. Because of the land access and permitting issues, …

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Interactive Seismic Imaging Overview


Now available: the NEOS Seismic Imaging Group’s (SIG) interactive capabilities overview. This is not your typical PDF – viewers can easily access cool data toggles with before/after results featuring AZIM, PSMD, and our new SOFE method.  Check it out when you have time to click around and discover what makes our SIG team unique. The …

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Extending the Usable Bandwidth of Seismic Data


  Published in the January 2016 issue of EAGE’s First Break magazine, NEOS’ Seismic Imaging Group (SIG) discusses a frequency-dependent filtering technique that can significantly increase the available bandwidth of the seismic data. Click here or on the image above for the full article. For more information on SIG, click here.

Overview of NEOS’s Seismic Imaging Group (SIG)


Mark Wallace, Technical Marketing Geophysicist in NEOS’s Seismic Imaging Group (SIG), provides an overview of the group’s experience, technology differentiators and focus areas in a 7-minute narrated slideshow. Click here (or on the image above) to view the presentation. Note that Dr. Edward Jenner, Research Director for SIG, will be reprising his SEG Lunch & Learn presentation via Webinar …

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NEOS’ SIG Launches Frequency Enhancement Offering

Time slice of Mid-Continent USA data near the reservoir interval. Yellow highlights an interpreted graben feature. Data courtesy of ION GeoVentures.

The Seismic Imaging Group (SIG) at NEOS has launched a new seismic data processing offering.  This technique for structurally oriented frequency enhancement (SOFE) significantly improves the recovery of high and low frequency acoustic signal. The result is an improvement in the vertical resolution of seismic images and an increase in the quality and utility of the seismic …

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Friday Fun: Seismic Reptiles

Seismic Reptiles

The image above can be found on a really cool blog post from the Agile Geoscience team. It basically shows what happens when the power of machine learning algorithms and multi-layer neural networks are over-extended, in this case identifying ‘hidden reptiles’ among the reflection layers of a seismic section. The original work (equally cool, albeit …

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NEOS Buys Onshore Seismic Data Processing Business

NEOS teaser homepage_FINAL

I’m not sure if you’ve seen it yet, but NEOS just announced our acquisition of the onshore seismic data processing business of ION Geophysical’s GX Technology group. Click here to read the press release. This transaction involves a group of about 25 Denver-based folks who originally started as AXIS Geophysics and which ION acquired back …

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An Emerging Hydrocarbon Province – Lebanon (Part 4 of 6)

Significant increase (log-scale) in intra-horizon resistivity as one moves up-section in the Cretaceous

On the Lebanon neoBASIN regional reconnaissance project, we acquired EM resistivity data from roughly 45 ground-based magnetotelluric (MT) stations that were deployed throughout the survey area.  Challenging topography and dynamic geo-political conditions on the ground didn’t always let us deploy the stations where we wanted to, but we did get some interesting results nonetheless. The …

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An Emerging Hydrocarbon Province – Lebanon (Part 1 of 6)

Oil & Gas Fields of the Levant and Eastern Med.  6,000 sqkm Lebanon neoBASIN project area highlighted in black.

Greetings followers of NEOS.  There’s a really interesting oil & gas exploration story developing in a new frontier hydrocarbon province – of all places, in Lebanon!  I know, you probably are as skeptical reading this today as I was when our project started about a year ago.  But there is cause for hope in the Levant! …

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