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Your Basement is Full of Dark Secrets


A good horror or suspense film can get your heart pounding and adrenaline racing.  Simply thinking of the dark, creepy basements in blockbuster movies like Psycho and Silence of the Lambs is enough to make anyone’s skin crawl. Have you ever had a similar sensation when evaluating your shale play? Is your basement full of …

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NEOS Tech Series: Using Magnetic Data to Locate Abandoned Wellbores

The cultural grid is separated from the total magnetic intensity and then compared to mapped features, like wells and pipelines.

By: Maggie Baber, NEOS Geoscientist Magnetic interpretation is an integral component of NEOS’s multi-measurement interpretation methodology (MMI). Magnetic data measures changes in a rock’s magnetic susceptibility, or the degree of magnetization in response to earth’s magnetic field. Rocks or materials with high magnetite content have a high magnetic susceptibility. Magnetics, along with gravity and other …

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NEOS Tech Series: Multi-Physics Reveals Basement Secrets

Magnetic data along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

The NEOS MMI methodology, specifically with the use of potential methods, is greatly suited to provide understanding of the structural complexity of a basin, at the basement level. While gravity and magnetic methods use different rock properties (density vs. susceptibility), these methods are diagnostic and when taken together can eliminate many geologic alternative scenarios therefore …

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NEOS Tech Series: Gravity & Magnetics


A multi-physics approach to geoscience allows NEOS to simultaneously interpret several possible geophysical measurements in order to uncover deeper insights into regional prospectivity and well productivity. While there may be potential for the inclusion of a number of measurements within an interpretation, each is equally unique and beneficial on its own accord. GRAVITY & MAGNETICS …

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2014 Update: NEOS Corporate Slideshow (Narrated)


To learn more about NEOS and our Multi-Measurement Interpretation methodology for oil & gas exploration, appraisal, and development, click on the image below to access our latest narrated slideshow. To learn more about NEOS GeoSolutions, click here to access the Resources page on our web site.

Why Acquire New Gravity & Magnetic Data?


We often get asked the question, “if I already have access to some public Grav-Mag data, why are you suggesting I spend more money to acquire a newer version of the ‘same’ data?” While it’s true that we’re dealing with the same measurements – gravity and magnetic – the quality and utility of the public data …

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NEOS in New Technology Magazine


The rush for unconventional oil and gas resources is increasing the level of hazards faced by producers in the field. Hazards and risks could include anything from long-abandoned wellbores to shallow gas pockets, unknown faults and fractures, and the natural seepage of hydrocarbons into groundwater that may be blamed on drilling operations at some future …

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White Paper: Multi-Measurement Interpretation in Action

MMI White Paper Cover

NEOS has recently published a comprehensive white paper on the technologies and methodologies that form the foundation for Multi-Measurement Interpretation (MMI). Previously available only to NEOS clients, the white paper highlights MMI applications from the basement to the surface, in conventional and unconventional shale plays, and in both regional reconnaissance and pre-drill assurance situations. The MMI …

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Marcellus Case Study – Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Resistivity voxel over an ~80 sqkm area of Tioga County, Pennsylvania. Top is ~500' subsurface while the bottome is ~10,000' subsurface. High resistivity intervals (subsurface gas plumes?) shown in hot colors. Surface oil seeps noted in green; surface gas plumes in pink.

In 2011, NEOS GeoSolutions kicked off its first-ever project in Appalachia – a combined neoBASIN survey over all of Tioga County, PA and a more focused neoPROSPECTOR survey covering an ~80 sqkm patch in the southwestern part of the county. The objectives were clearly laid out by the lead underwriter, a supermajor that had previously bought …

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Client Case Study: Groundwater Protection Council

Near-Surface Resistivity Voxel (0-500' subsurface), Tioga County, PA

Check out the paper we co-authored for the recent Groundwater Protection Conference (2012 Stray Gas Incidence & Response Forum). Click on this link, go to “Day 3” in the tabbed menu, and scroll down to Bryce McKee (of Shell) where you can download a PDF of the paper. The case study involved “The Use of Remote …

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