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Updated: NEOS Narrated Slideshow


Well, after a year in the spotlight, it came to be time to retire our original narrated slideshow and to replace it with a newer model. Below you’ll find the latest edition, updated to reflect the latest round of projects we’ve been undertaking for our clients in conventional and unconventional basins around the world. Click here …

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Geostatistics Applied: Ventura Basin Case Study

Probability of Oil (Ventura Basin, CA - Pico Fm)

NEOS’s multi-measurement methodology provides a variety of tools to help the explorationist interpret the subsurface with greater accuracy and confidence. One of these tools, embedded within our NeoSphere software platform, applies a proprietary statistical technique to all acquired geo-datasets and the attributes calculated therefrom (e.g., Bouger gravity, reduced-to-pole magnetic data, microseepage indicators) to mathematically determine …

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NeoSphere Enables New Generation of 3-D Subsurface Interpreters

NeoSphere Architecture

The NeoSphere – the result of ongoing research and development and ‘live fire’ project testing by the geoscientists at NEOS GeoSolutions – is designed to become the next generation platform for collaboration and 3-D subsurface interpretation within the global geoscience community. The NeoSphere initiative was launched in 2009 based upon the premise that oil & …

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