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The Calculus of Retirement

Retirement Equation

One of the impacts of the “Great Crew Change” is that a large portion of the G&G crew currently on duty will be retiring in the next 10-15 years. A great article, called Seven Equations to Build a Secure Retirement, was recently published in Marketwatch (and on a number of other web sites). The equations …

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From Mars and…from Mars

Zynga logo

It’s been established that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But what of the symbiotic relationship between Venture Capitalists and Entrepreneurs? According to Roger Ehrenberg, they’re both from Mars. Read his contribution to CNN Money where he takes a cold hard look a the roles and difficulties facing entrepreneurs and VCs in …

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Mike Long at Energy Capital Conference


NEOS GeoSolutions’ Executive Chairman, Mike Long, was the Spotlight speaker at the Energy Capital conference this week in Houston. Nearly 400 investment bankers, private equity investors, financial analysts, and corporate development professionals attended this conference, hosted by Hart Energy. Mike spoke about the company’s investors and what drove their interest in backing NEOS as it pursues the …

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You’re Backed by Who?

Bill Gates

One of the interesting questions we always get concerns our investor group. People sometimes find it a little hard to believe that we have the investors that we do, but we couldn’t be more pleased to have them as our backers (and biggest fans!). Our Big Five consists of three private equity firms that have …

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