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Friday Fun: How Much Do You NEED the Internet?

The World without Internet

Admittedly, I spend a good chunk of the day on the internet. But to be fair, it’s part of my job description, as the manager of all web related activity for NEOS. But outside of my work, I am constantly online too. During my lengthy BART commute to and from the office, I typically catch …

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NEOS is Movin’ On Up…to the West Side


NEOS is movin’ on up – both literally and figuratively! We are relocating all of our application services and data storage to the colocation, Internap, in Santa Clara, California and it’s actually pretty exciting, whether you’re IT-minded or not. Don’t fret if you don’t know what “colocation” means. If you’re like me, you might benefit from …

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IT Vending Machines

Just last week in the San Francisco airport, I spent entirely too long scanning the shelves of a Best Buy vending machine just across from my gate. Just too many things I want! There were even some things that I need. As the consumer, I love these things, so many attractive items at a mere …

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