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neoSCAN in Action: Athabasca Uranium Deposits, Canada

Claim holdings in the Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Athabasca Basin is a 100,000 km2 region of northern Saskatchewan, Canada that is home to the world’s leading source of high-grade uranium. The basin is filled with sandstone sediment varying from 100 to 1,000 metres in depth. The uranium ore is mostly found at the base of this sandstone, at the point where it meets the basement. …

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NEOS Returns to Dubai for the MENA Mining Congress

MENA Mining Conference

For the second year, NEOS returns to incredible Dubai to exhibit and present at this year’s MENA Mining Show. NEOS looks forward to this networking event as a way to connect with both mining companies and regional governments as well as to display our multi-measurement applications for minerals exploration in the Middle East and North Africa …

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MENA Mining Congress Opens a New Door for NEOS


Last week’s 4th Annual MENA Mining Congress proved to be quite successful for NEOS, as it gave us the opportunity to better understand and get to know the state and potential of mining exploration in the Middle East and North Africa. Our presence as an official exhibitor combined with our role as delegates served as …

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NEOS Lands in the Middle East


Next week NEOS is in Dubai! While I am sure we can make time to discover just a tiny fraction of what makes Dubai so magical, our purpose there is business as we will be exhibiting at the MENA Mining Congress on the 25th-27th of October. Consider this event pivotal for NEOS, as it will …

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Exploring for Gold – You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Panning for Gold

All can conjure up the classic school-book images of a ‘Forty Niner‘ panning for gold along a river bank. Even today, independent miners sometimes rely upon the low tech ‘panning’ technique (or variants thereof) as borne out on the reality TV show – Gold Rush Alaska – shown on the Discovery Channel. However, modern minerals’ exploration (as …

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Mission (Im)possible

MI Stack

Natural resource exploration has always relied upon remotely acquired data to depict the subsurface. In the early days of hydrocarbon exploration,  wide variety of measurements were acquired and analyzed. While minerals’ explorers continue to rely upon non-seismic tools, many non-seismic measurements faded into the background in oil & gas exploration once the 3-D seismic era began …

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