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Putting Houston’s Size in Perspective

San Francisco with Texas Highways

In our industry, it’s hard to avoid spending time in Houston or you might even be one of the lucky ones who calls it ‘home’.  Driving around the city, either as a visitor or as a local, you can’t argue that Houston is a massive metro area.  And it is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, thanks in part …

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Sharpening Our Skills in Collaboration…and Some Knives Along the Way


This is the NEOS team at a recent company-wide Team Building event where the group engaged in a friendly Iron Chef-like competition at Paulding & Company in Emeryville, California (near our Pleasanton office). You’re looking at the calm before the [food frenzy] storm.

Today San Francisco becomes Gotham City!


Today, November 15th, San Francisco will cease to exist. In its place will stand Gotham City and its savoir super hero will be…Batkid! The situation is everything Miles has dreamed of. Miles is a 5-year boy battling leukemia and when the Make a Wish Foundation interviewed him his wish was easy – he wanted to …

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Friday Fun: The Nights Belong to the Bay Bridge

An art installation of 25,000 LED lights, shining in unique and spectacular patterns, has been revealed to commemorate the Bay Bridge’s 75th Anniversary (which occurred 2 years ago). The installation will be in place for 2 years and is estimated to be seen by 50 million people (thanks, in part, to the America’s Cup). This …

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Cure Your Thirst in San Francisco


For many of us, a properly mixed cocktail or perfectly aged glass of wine, is the perfect way to unwind after a day in the office. Those of us in the NEOS Pleasanton office, as well as our visitors, never under estimate the importance of a good post-work watering hole, or the fact that near-by …

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Better than Rice-a-Roni


While the California NEOS office sits in pleasant Pleasanton, its just a convenient BART ride away from bustling San Francisco. A few of our employees reside in San Francisco and between them and the the rest of NEOS’s impressively large foodie population, we’ve accumulated a pretty sweet list of restaurants not to miss. DOSA – …

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