NEOS Presenting at 2016 SEG


NEOS recently completed a study over 1,000 square miles of Southern Colorado to identify areas that may contain CO2 reservoirs.  Airborne magnetic and EM (ZTEM) data were collected and integrated with proprietary seismic and well data, as well as public domain ground gravity data.  With a more quantitative integration using Predictive Analytics methodology we were then able to highlight areas that may have a higher potential to host CO2 reservoirs. Join us at the SEG Technical Program next week to gain more insight into this study.

Multi-measurement exploration and interpretation in the southern Rocky Mountains
Session ID & Name:  INT 6, Case Studies
Presentation date and time:  10/19/2016 @ 3:10:00 PM
Room: 170/172


NEOS Presenting at 2016 AAPG


AAPG logoNEOS recently took on a project to asses the supply source of CO2 used for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in the northern Raton Basin. Onshore structurally complex areas, such as this, combined with large amount of igneous intrusions can be difficult to image at depth with seismic data alone.

This multi-measurement interpretation study incorporating airborne- and ground-acquired geophysical data covers more than 1,000 square miles of topographically challenging, environmentally sensitive terrain in the Rocky Mountain region, an area containing numerous natural accumulations of CO2.

Join us at the AAPG Technical Program next week to gain more insight into this study.

Mark your calendar:
Structural models constrained by geophysical data provide additional insight to the subsurface in Southern Colorado, U.S. (Expanded abstract)
M. Soledad Velasco, NEOS
Tuesday, June 21st | 8:25AM
Theme 5 – “Structural Interpretation Quality and Methods”

For more on NEOS’ work in the northern Raton Basin click here for our article on Resistivity Imaging from the 2016 April issue of First Break.

NEOS Presenting in London

fp2012NEOS welcomes the opportunity to share some recent advances in geophysical technology at Finding Petroleum’s aptly named, “New Geophysical Technologies” exploration tech event in London, tomorrow, February 24th.

James Dodson will represent NEOS and present on our multi-physics solution demonstrating, with case examples, where NEOS has taken a phased approach to multi-physics interpretation and integration, by relying heavily on, airborne non-seismic measurements, seismic data and predictive analytics to identify resources in the subsurface.

Click here to learn more.  I understand, for you locals in and around London, attendance tomorrow is still possible (register here to attend). We hope to see you there!

NEOS Appalachian Case Study to be Presented at GWPC Stray Gas Forum

Next week, the Groundwater Protection Council will hold its 2012 Stray Gas Incidence & Response Forum in Cleveland, OH. The forum’s purpose is to provide the technical and scientific basis for stray gas investigations.

NEOS has co-authored, with Shell E&P, a case study of a multi-measurement interpretation project that is supporting Shell’s Marcellus development drilling program.

The Shell-NEOS neoPROSPECTOR Project in Tioga County, North-Eastern Pennsylvania: Use of Remote Sensing Technologies to Detect Surface and Near-Surface Stray Gas Occurrence and Potential Migration Pathways. Bryce McKee (Shell E&P) and Craig Beasley (NEOS GeoSolutions). Thursday – 26 July 2012, 10:20-12:00pm. (Abstract 34)

Visit the GWPC website to view the Forum Agenda and Abstracts or read the NEOS press release about this presentation.