The neoSCAN – Keeps Explorers Exploring in a $50 Oil World

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”40%”]With these prices, it will be difficult to justify a new acquisition program. We’ve got to make sense of all the data we already have![/pullquote]

This is an actual and recent quote from a Global Basin Studies manager at one of Europe’s most successful oil & gas exploration companies. And I’m sure he’s not the only one with this opinion.

In fact, during the last oil price bust (in 2008-09) some of us heard similar things at our former employer – a leading geophysical equipment, services and data library company.

At some level, who could disagree?  While the world is awash in oil at present, the oil & gas industry is awash in geo-data, and has been for some time.

But just having data isn’t enough. One needs to make sense of what all that data is saying.

Enter the neoSCAN™, a low-cost, high-value data integration and interpretation offering from NEOS designed to help you make sense of – and maximize the value of your legacy investments in – all your geo-data.



The neoSCAN brings together legacy seismic, well, gravity, magnetic, remote sensing and many other multi-physics measurements in order to help you generate an integrated, 3-D, basement-to-surface understanding of large areas quickly and cost effectively.

In 100 days and for under $1 million (for areas of investigation up to 10,000 sqkm | 4000 sqmi), the neoSCAN will deliver many of the interpretive products you need to keep exploring:

  • 2-D structural & stratigraphic cross-sections
  • Regional 3-D subsurface models
  • Regional isopach & burial depth maps
  • Maps of basement topography and composition
  • Depth-to-basement maps
  • Basement-to-surface maps of lineaments & major faults
  • Regional resistivity models
  • Classified maps of multi-spectral data (lithology, IHIs)
  • Maps of relative acreage prospectivity
  • Identification of G&G attributes driving (un)favorable exploration potential.

By applying our proprietary predictive analytics methods to quantitatively assess all of this geo-data, we’ll help you highgrade acreage throughout your entire area of investigation.  Just like we did for this cost-conscious Global Basin Studies manager in his prospects onshore and offshore West Africa.  And just like we did for others in West Texas, the Mid-Continent, Oman, Jordan and other mature and frontier hydrocarbon provinces around the world.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”100%”]Low prices and tight budgets don’t mean you need to stop exploring. The neoSCAN will help you get the most out of your legacy G&G investments by integrating existing data you already have in-house with additional multi-physics datasets that can be quickly and inexpensively obtained from a variety of sources.[/pullquote]

So when things return to normal – or opportunities to capture assets from distressed players present themselves – you’ll be prepared with the insights needed to deliver.

Low prices. More insights. Keep on exploring with the neoSCAN.  To learn more, watch the narrated slideshow.

SEG Presentation: Case Study – Appalachian Basin

Case study_Appalachian Basin_SEG 2014_v2_10-24The last presentation from our SEG Presentation Series is the narrated presentation: Case Study – Appalachian Basin.

Take a few minutes to learn more about this program and how we used predictive analytics to depict the most (and least) prospective areas for leasing, drilling or further G&G study in the Marcellus shale, resulting in improved exploration cash flows.

Click here or on the slide image to view the presentation.

Narrated Presentation: Lebanon neoBASIN Program

Last week it was announced that NEOS had completed airborne geophysical acquisition on its neoBASIN project in Lebanon. This regional geoscience program, which has since progressed to the next phase of processing and interpretation, will be made available for license in the second quarter of 2015.

We have created a narrated presentation which takes you into our Lebanon geoscience program in detail. Tune in to discover how this airborne geophysical survey will provide new promise for hydrocarbon exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Click here or on the image below to watch the narrated slideshow.



SEG Presentation: Predictive Analytics in Exploration

DSC01702The next presentation from our SEG Presentation Series is the narrated presentation: Predictive Analytics in Exploration.

Sit back and relax, while you listen and discover how geostatisitical predictive analytic methods are successfully leveraged for superior understanding of subsurface conditions and reservoir performance as well as to support deeply integrated, highly-informed project decision-making.

Click here or on the image above to view the presentation.

NEOS Completes Airborne Geophysical Acquisition in Lebanon

Image courtesy of Hansa Luftbild

Today NEOS announced that it has completed airborne geophysical acquisition in Lebanon. The program will now progress to the next phase of processing and interpretation. The Lebanon neoBASIN has been designed to map regional prospectivity over 6,000 square kilometers of Lebanon to help us to better understand the link between onshore and offshore systems in the eastern Mediterranean, providing new promise for the entire region. 

To read the press release click on the image below, or visit our Lebanon neoBASIN webpage for more on this program.

Lebanon PR 12-17

SEG Presentation: Neuquén Basin Case Study

DSC01694The next installment in our SEG Presentation Series, is a narrated presentation on a NEOS Case Study in the Neuquén Basin.

Tune in to discover how multi-measurement interpretation (MMI) has helped to highgrade Vaca Muerta shale acreage and identify prospective well locations in Argentina.

Access the presentation by clicking here or on the image below.